Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes, i did spend all day drawing Shel Silverstien sketches on Watercolor papers.

uh huh, i dont lie.
i had a tummy ache.
And so, i pulled out Shel Silverstien books,
and sobbed as i read the poem about Ma and God.

God gave us fingers-Ma says, “Use your fork.”
God gave us voices- Ma says, “Don’t scream.”
Ma says eat broccoli, cereal and carrots.
But God gave us tastes for maple ice cream.
God gave us fingers- Ma says, “ Use your hanky.”
God gave us puddles- Ma says, “Don’t splash.”
Ma says, “Be quite, you father is sleeping.”
But God gave us garbage can covers to crash.
God gave us fingers- Ma says, “Put your gloves on.”
God gave us raindrops- Ma says, “Don’t get wet.”
Ma says be careful, and don’t get too near to
Those strange lovely dogs that God gave us to pet.
God gave us fingers- Ma says, “Go wash ‘em.”
But God gave us coal bins and nice dirty bodies.
And I ain’t too smart, but there’s one thing for certain ~
Either Ma’s wrong or else God is.

And as any bieng in the right mind sees, this could make a sick 13 year old cry, yeah?

So after that i drew lots of pictures and called it my masterpiece.

press the photo to actually see it. hehe.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bring your pyshcotic cat to the garden party at my house y'all

Yerp, as I ramble insomnia countinuesly, i realized that i spend way to much time thinking about what other people think.
Just Fo yo Info. hehe, i like that.

Also on a side note, my mentally crazed cat is totally sharpineng wooden spits behind my back. The splinters are flying.
Like literally. Need for concern?

The other day i went to the movie theatre with ma buds and we saw Julie & Julia. but the problem was, after we saw such a beautiful and heartwarming movie about appreciating the art of french cooking, my buds and i went down to McDonalds and had a sundae.

And you paul.


Monday, October 5, 2009

so this is it my peachy friends
umm. this blog is just about y'know, life and stuff.
please please please, listen to this. ITS SUMTHIN SPECIAL.